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Writing Custom Assertions

Note! All of the assertions are applied during the Scenario execution, and any failures will be reported out in the Exception message thrown by Alba on Scenario failures.

The Scenario assertions in Alba are completely extensible and you can happily add your own via extension methods - but please send anything that's generally useful as a pull request to Alba itself;-)

The first step is to write your own implementation of this interface:

public interface IScenarioAssertion
    void Assert(Scenario scenario, ScenarioAssertionException ex);

As an example, here's the assertion from Alba that validates that the response body is supposed to

public class BodyContainsAssertion : IScenarioAssertion
    public string Text { get; set; }

    public BodyContainsAssertion(string text)
        Text = text;

    public void Assert(Scenario scenario, ScenarioAssertionException ex)
        var body = ex.ReadBody(scenario);
        if (!body.Contains(Text))
            // Add the failure message to the exception. This exception only
            // gets thrown if there are failures.
            ex.Add($"Expected text '{Text}' was not found in the response body");

Once you have your assertion class, you can apply it to a scenario through an extension method against the Scenario class. Here's the Scenario.ContentShouldContain(text) implementation from Alba itself:

/// <summary>
/// Assert that the Http response contains the designated text
/// </summary>
/// <param name="scenario"></param>
/// <param name="text"></param>
/// <returns></returns>
public static Scenario ContentShouldContain(this Scenario scenario, string text)
    return scenario.AssertThat(new BodyContainsAssertion(text));

Finally, use your new asssertion in a Scenario like this:

public Task using_scenario_with_ContentShouldContain_declaration_happy_path()
    host.Handlers["/one"] = c =>
        c.Response.Write("**just the marker**");
        return Task.CompletedTask;

    return host.Scenario(x =>
        x.ContentShouldContain("just the marker");