Adding Jasper to an ASP.Net Core Application Edit on GitHub

Note! This functionality is very likely to change as it gets used more often and should be considered very preliminary

.Net is Microsoft's world, and the rest of us are just living in it. Unlike its predecessor FubuMVC, Jasper tries to play nice as a citizen in the greater ASP.Net Core ecosystem. To that end, you can use Jasper within an ASP.Net Core application as just a service bus or command executor or as just another part of the ASP.Net Core runtime pipeline.

First off, let's say that you just want to use Jasper as messaging infrastructure inside of an ASP.Net Core application. With that in mind, let's say that you have a JasperRegistry like this:

public class SimpleJasperBusApp : JasperRegistry

If you prefer to stick with the idiomatic ASP.Net Core bootstrapping, you can add Jasper to the mix with the UseJasper() extension method as shown below:

var builder = WebHost.CreateDefaultBuilder();
    .UseStartup<Startup>() //;

theHost = builder.Build();


There's a couple things going on in the sample above:

  1. Jasper is quietly replacing the ASP.Net Core IoC container with Jasper's internal Lamar container after pulling in all the service registrations made directly to the IWebHostBuilder. For the moment, we're doing this under the belief that it's best to avoid having two different IoC containers at runtime, and Jasper can only function with Lamar.
  2. If you don't specify exactly where you want Jasper to run within the middleware pipeline of your ASP.Net Core application, Jasper puts itself as the very last RequestDelegate in the middleware chain.
  3. The UseJasper() method is bootstrapping the IJasperHost and putting that into the IoC container, so that disposing the IWebHost will also shut down the Jasper services as well.

To control the order of where Jasper executes within your ASP.Net Core application pipeline, you can explicitly add the Jasper middleware like this:

var builder = new WebHostBuilder();
    .UseKestrel(x => x.ListenLocalhost(3003))
    .ConfigureServices(s => s.AddMvc())
    .Configure(app =>

        // Add the Jasper middleware

        // Nothing stopping you from using Jasper *and*
        // MVC, NancyFx, or any other ASP.Net Core
        // compatible framework

var host = builder.Build();