Message Persistence Edit on GitHub

TODO -- need to talk about how to get the database schema elements applied

The message persistence requires and adds these tables to your schema:

  1. jasper_incoming_envelopes - stores incoming and scheduled envelopes until they are successfully processed
  2. jasper_outgoing_envelopes - stores outgoing envelopes until they are successfully sent through the transports
  3. jasper_dead_letters - stores "dead letter" envelopes that could not be processed. See Dead Letter Envelopes for more information
  4. EnvelopeIdList - table type that is used by some of the functions listed below

and also these functions that are all used by the durable messaging in its "message recovery" functionality:

  1. uspDeleteIncomingEnvelopes
  2. uspDeleteOutgoingEnvelopes
  3. uspDiscardAndReassignOutgoing
  4. uspMarkIncomingOwnership
  5. uspMarkOutgoingOwnership

Managing the Sql Server Schema

In testing, you can build -- or rebuild -- the message storage in your system with this syntax:

theRuntime = JasperRuntime.For(_ =>


See this GitHub issue for some utilities to better manage the database objects.