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Jasper's high performance command execution pipeline can also be used to service HTTP requests. Jasper's HTTP support can be used as:

  1. A complete alternative to MVC Core for Web API development
  2. A complement to MVC Core because it's perfectly possible to mix and match ASP.Net Core middleware
  3. Maybe odd to consider, but Jasper's Jasper.MvcExtender extension can be used to run MVC Core Controller endpoints with Jasper's more efficient runtime pipeline and/or to allow Jasper to use common MVC Core constructs like IActionResult
  4. A more performant replacement for the common ASP.Net MVC + MediatR combination

As a quick start, here's what "Hello, World" looks like in a Jasper HTTP endpoint:

public class HomeEndpoint
    public string Get()
        return "Hello, World from a Jasper application!";

The endpoint above would be called in the "GET: /" route and would write out the text returned in the method to the response with the content-type header set to text/plain.

Pretty exciting, right? Not really? Okay, so here's an example of building an HTTP endpoint that returns JSON with a routing argument:

public static class JsonEndpoint
    // Responds to the route "GET: /add/:one/:two"
    public static Sum get_add_one_two(int one, int two)
        return new Sum{Total = one + two};

And now let's do a POST:

public class PostEndpoint
    // Responds to the route "POST: /invoice/create"
    // The first argument is assumed to be the body of the request
    // The IInvoiceService is assumed to come from the application's IoC container
    public Task post_invoice_create(Invoice invoice, IInvoiceService service)
        return service.Create(invoice);

Hopefully you've already noticed a couple things about Jasper:

  • It's dependent upon naming conventions for the route patterns (but this can be overridden explicitly)
  • There are no required attributes, marker interfaces, ControllerBase abstract types or generally any other kind of framework cruft that is so prevalent in .Net frameworks
  • The route handlers are just .Net methods
  • Jasper route handlers can be static or instance methods and either asynchronous or synchronous whenever that's acceptable

Behind the scenes, Jasper is using Lamar to do some runtime code generation and compilation to make the actual HTTP RouteHandler as efficient as possible.

Here's quite a bit more about the HTTP support: