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Messaging Edit on GitHub

Jasper's support for messaging is a direct descendent of the service bus feature in FubuMVC, which in turn was heavily influenced and built as a replacement for the Rhino Service Bus. The messaging feature in Jasper allows developers to quickly and reliably implement common messaging patterns like publish/subscribe or request/reply in their applications.

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  • Node - a running instance of a Jasper application. Do note that it's actually possible to run more than one Jasper application in the same process
  • Transport - a supported mechanism for sending messages between running Jasper nodes
  • Envelope - an object that wraps a message being sent or received by Jasper that adds header metadata and helps control how messages are sent and received. See the Envelope Wrapper pattern for more information
  • Publish/Subscribe (pubsub) - messaging pattern that decouples the sending code from the routing to one or more recipients. One way communication from the sender to any receivers. See Publish-Subscribe Channel for more background.
  • Request/Reply - bi-directional messaging pattern where a request message to one node generates a response message back to the original sender
  • Frame's - Jasper's middleware strategy
  • Handler's - a class that handles messages within a Jasper service bus application