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Lamar 5.0.0


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Generic Types


For version 1.0, Lamar's only support for interception is decorators. If you look in the Lamar codebase, you'll find dozens of tests that use a fake type named IWidget:

public interface IWidget
    void DoSomething();

Let's say that we have service registrations in our system for that IWidget interface, but we want each of them to be decorated by another form of IWidget like this:

public class WidgetDecorator : IWidget
    public WidgetDecorator(IThing thing, IWidget inner)
        Inner = inner;

    public IWidget Inner { get; }
    public void DoSomething()

We can configure Lamar to add a decorator around all other IWidget registrations with this syntax:

var container = new Container(_ =>
    // This usage adds the WidgetHolder as a decorator
    // on all IWidget registrations
    // The AWidget type will be decorated w/ 
    // WidgetHolder when you resolve it from the container

// Just proving that it actually works;)