Injected Fields

There's a special kind of Variable called InjectedField that can be used to:

  • Declare a private field within a generated type
  • Establish a Variable that points to that private field
  • Set up a constructor parameter for that field
  • In the constructor, map the constructor parameter to the private field

As an example, let's take the WhatTimeIsIt generated type from the frames model tutorial, but this time generate the class with the assumption that the "now" time is injected into the generated type's constructor like this:

var assembly = GeneratedAssembly.Empty();
var type = assembly.AddType("WhatTimeIsIt", typeof(ISaySomething));

var method = type.MethodFor(nameof(ISaySomething.Speak));

var @call = new MethodCall(typeof(NowSpeaker), nameof(NowSpeaker.Speak));

// Create an InjectedField as the argument to
// the Speak method
var now = new InjectedField(typeof(DateTime), "now");
@call.Arguments[0] = now;



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At runtime as Lamar tries to write the code for a new generated type, it will seek out any or all InjectedField variables used within any of the methods and use those to generate a constructor function. The generated code for the dynamic type built up above will end up looking like this:

public class WhatTimeIsIt : Lamar.Testing.Samples.ISaySomething
    private readonly DateTime _now;

    public WhatTimeIsIt(DateTime now)
        _now = now;

    public void Speak()