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Nested Containers (Per Request/Transaction)


If you're coming from StructureMap, do note that Lamar does not yet support the concept of "child" containers

Nested Container's are a powerful feature in Lamar for service resolution and clean object disposal in the context of short lived operations like HTTP requests or handling a message within some kind of service bus. A nested container is specific to the scope of that operation and is should not live on outside of that scope.

Here's a sample of a nested container in action:

public void using_nested_containers()
    var container = new Container(x =>
        x.AddSingleton<IWidget, AWidget>();
        x.AddScoped<IService, WhateverService>();
        x.AddTransient<IClock, Clock>();

    var rootWidget = container.GetInstance<IWidget>();
    var rootService = container.GetInstance<IService>();

    var nested = container.GetNestedContainer();

    // Singleton scoped objects are the same

    // Scoped objects are specific to the container
    var nestedService = nested.GetInstance<IService>();


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You probably won't directly interact with nested containers, but do note that they are used behind the scenes at runtime of basically every popular application framework in .Net these days (ASP.Net Core, NServiceBus, MassTransit, NancyFx, you name it).