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Tracing & Open Telemetry

Performing distributed tracing within your CI pipline is a relatively new yet powerful concept that can improve your teams response to broken, flaky or slow-performing tests. Alba has support for Open Telemetry tracing within Scenario calls, permitting tracing within your test pipeline with any compatible OpenTelemetry integration. If you believe there's value in tracing additional areas of Alba, please let us know!

Automated Instrumentation

Datadog CI Visibility

Datadog Tracing

Datadog's CI Visibility feature is compatible with Alba, however you must be using DD .NET Tracer 2.24+ and have DD_TRACE_OTEL_ENABLED set to true. See the documentation for setup information.

Manual Instrumentation


Manually instrumenting your tests requires a moderate amount of supporting code to work correctly. See this repository and related guide by the team at as a starting point.